Monday, May 13, 2013

Sweet Mercy

Chances are if we've interacted, it's either through or, so my absence on here hasn't been too bad, I hope. That said, I'm sure you've been aware that Slips Away was released (slipped out?) a while back. Go check it out, I'm headed out west (California love), but I'll be finishing up a new track when I get back. And just a shout out to everyone I've met recently (Serendipity) and that have followed here and on soundcloud. It really is a powerful new musical era, so glad to be a part of it all.



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Better Days

 You've heard THIS song, though, right? At - Black Moon Lilith right? Still no? Dang. Go check it out. Here are the lyrics.

Better Days

Here's a demon, there's the fray.
Will he head back in again?
When the feeling goes away,
will he dream about regret?


You've heard the song, right? At - Black Moon Lilith right? No? Go check it out. Here are the lyrics.


Hit the lights,
don't worry,
take a drink from me.
Feel the life flow
deeper than the darkest seas

Take flight on wings,
like birds of prey.
Don't be afraid,
don't turn away.